San Diego Wild Animal Park

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San Diego wild animal park intro! You really don’t want to miss this place if you are near San Diego!


One of my favorite places of all time, the animals are amazing!!!!!



About Me, Holly Peterson

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Hi Guys!

My name is holly, I decided to finally take the plunge and create a little blog of my own. A little bit about me.. hmmm. Well I was born and raised in Beautiful San Diego. San Diego is my home and it always will be, I’ve traveled to many places, such as Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Atlanta, NYC, SF, Asia, Australia, Bejing, and many other places. In my younger days I use to love to travel and I traveled at every chance I got. But even though I got to visit so many exotic and interesting places my heart still remained here in San Diego. After seeing life in all those other cities, I came to realize just how good we have it here in SAn Diego. Nowhere in the world can beat the weather, people, and things to do in San Diego. As far as I’m concerned San Diego is America’s Finest city.

In San Diego, its great, because in 20 minutes you can be in just about anywhere in San Diego. Traffic isn’t bad unless you driving during the small window of rush hour. If you are planning on visit San Diego don’t forget to check out our nightlife, and the zoo, and the wild animal park. We also have a bunch of family friendly museums.

Holly Peterson

Why I love my City, San Diego Lovin

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I’ve lived in San Diego for my entire life and I love this city. My favorite city in the world, and I just want to show you some of my favorite pictures of my favorite city!!!!

From stunning beach views like below, to amazing nightlife. San Diego is my home!

An Aerial view of the San Diego Downtown skyline. Breathetaking!

Looking for some cool looking bars with people from all walks of life? Go bar hopping in North park!

Downtown San Diego, the gaslamp district. This is hands down my favorite place to go on a weekend night. New club just opened up on OCt 26,2014. ParQ on Broadway, a new vegas style nightclub. I went there last night and it was amazing!

Why DIY Electrical Projects are Dangerous?

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A lot of people are trying to save on simply anything including repairs at home, but not all DIY is not savings over time such as electrical repairs and other electrical projects. It will endanger not just your property, but as well as your life. Here are more reasons why DIY electrical projects are dangerous and should left up to a professional Visions irvine electrician or electrical contractors and you will be thankful you did.

1. Choosing substandard materials

When we tend to do it ourselves we sacrifice so much on the quality of wires for examples and other items. This is because we try to save and most importantly because we lack the knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of electrical repairs. This may seem like saving at the beginning but actually it is more costly than you can imagine. Thus, it is better to have those electrical repairs done by professional Huntington electrician or electrical contractor.

2. It’s expensive

We think that DIY saves us money. In some cases it can really help us manage our finances. It will definitely save us a lot of money if we can do everything by ourselves, unfortunately we can’t do everything most especially electric repairs that are best done by professional electrician or electrical contractor.

3. Problem not solved but worsen

Because of lack of knowledge, skills and experience, simple electrical problems maybe go uncontrollable if we tend to do it our way which is the wrong way. More often than not, problems like this get out of control and can be very expensive over time.

4. Endanger properties and lives

To top it all, DIY electrical repair can cause you more than just your property but your lives as well and of your family members. You may even affect your neighbors and even go to jail. These may be an exaggeration but actually a possibility if you keep on doing your own electrical repair at home. The rate of fires incidences are increasing every year and millions of dollars are lost on fires and similar accidents because of simple neglect, because of do it yourself electrical repair on the part of the homeowners and office management.

DIY electrical repair is not safe and dangerous especially for inexperienced homeowners. Never try to fix it by yourself. It is definitely not worth it. For any electrical repair it is wise and safe to call in a electrician Orange County or electrical contractor for all your electrical repair needs.

MY experience getting my apple iphone repaired

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Now I’ve been an apple lover and apple fanatic for many years now, just like most of the rest of the world. I’ve had the original ipod, the original iphone, and the very first ipad when it came out. I love all apple products, okay now that detail aside, I’m currently experiencing some issues with my iphone. Now I use my iphone daily for things such as organizing my day, marking things in my calendar, checking my email, and an alarm for waking up in the morning. Now lately, my electrical charging port has been having some issues that I really need to work out. Whenever I would try and plug in the electrical charger, it would only charge half the time. As a result, charge the phone before I slept was a complete pain in the ass.

apple iphone need repair

I knew that I needed to get it fixed and I needed to get it fixed very soon. Now my schedule is actually pretty busy so it is hard for me to find time to actually visit an iphone 5 repair company to get my phone repaired. So I opted for the next best thing, I began looking for mobile iphone repair company that were based in San Diego and were willing to do a mobile service. I found a local company call iFix San diego that did mobile service near my workplace. I called them to come to my workplace during my lunch hour to fix my phone. They arrived right on time at my workplace and proceeded to fix my phone in about 20 minutes. After they returned the phone to me, the parts worked perfectly, I was amazed by how fast they performed the work.

Least to say, my life is saved now that my iphone 5 works again. I seriously can’t believe how easy it was to get someone to come to my work and fix my phone. If you need any repairs, call iFix San Diego, they are truly experts! They also handle repairs for cracked iphone screens.


Check out their youtube video on Iphone repair in san diego



What I thought of Gforce Electric From San Diego

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I just moved into a new apartment right smack dab in the heart of downtown San Diego. I’ve always wanted to live downtown and be part of the hustle of the city life. I got a brand new apartment / loft near broadway and main st in downtown. When I moved in I discovered that whoever designed the apartment put the electrical wall outlets in the worst possible spots possible. I couldn’t reach any of the outlets for my electrical devices without running an extension cord. This is when I decided that it was time to call a electrician company to come and help me install new outlets.

Electrical Repair In Apartment

The Search For An Electrician Begins Online

I began looking for local electrician companies online that were near my area and had many positive reviews. I found several and I actually ended up calling a company called Green electric solutions based in San Diego. Their profile online looked good, they had over 20 years of experience, and many positive reviews online. I gave them a call and settled for an appointment date the next day in the morning. Gforce Electrician Chula Vista was very nice when I called, they were friendly and helpful.

Prompt arrival of electrical contractor

The next morning the electrician promptly arrived at 9am, his name was John. I explained to john the problem that I was having with the electrical outlets. After seeing where my outlets were placed, he actually laughed and agreed with me that the designer for this place must have been drunk or something when they were choosing were the put the electrical outlets.

 Electrical Work that I needed done

He told me he was going to add 5 more electrical outlets in various places in my apartment. I pointed him to the areas that I most wanted an outlet, such as next to my bed, in the kitchen, by my desk, and a few other places. He quoted me only a hundred dollars to complete the job. To me that was a really good deal so I went ahead and told him to get started! I really wanted to get my new gaming computer setup, and I couldn’t do it before due to the lack of electrical outlets.

He finished the job in about 2 hours and told me that everything was good to go. I tested the outlets and they worked perfectly. I was very happy with the job that they did for me. I definitely have found my new favorite Electrician Service San Diego California, call these guys if you need anything related to electricity!

If you are located further north, you may want to consider calling Oceanside electrician Co. which is the same company with an office further north. Same prices, and same staff.

Chula Vista Electrician Youtube